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We had a dream and this is exactly what we wanted: a family area where the kids can play that has character and detail and something that is unique. The designer definitely understood our vision. It has given us more space in the house where we spend a lot of time together watching television or playing games at the table. My 9 year old son will be able to come down here with his friends and have a space where they can enjoy being kids.

I was so concerned about lighting. I thought the basement would be too dark. Mike recommended more lighting. Recessed lighting was added in the ceiling and I wanted a couple of sconces. Mike added twice as many and they are beautiful!

Flexibility. It was nice to know that we could still switch something in the middle of the project. Like the metal post on the staircase. My husband and I changed our minds so many times but the project manager keep it straight and knew what our final decision was. They listened to what we wanted.

Everything was done very PROFESSIONALLY and on schedule. Always asked how early they could come and even asked to work for a short time on a Saturday.

I can tell that the level of service in which Mike provides to the customer is very important to him.
At one point, Mike came out and did the work himself.

Austin Remodeling Contractors are excellent!